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Sunbeam Dawn

Sunbeam dawn- Start a new beginning

Sunbeam Company was registered by John Marston Company Limited in the year 1888 in England. They started by making Bi Cycles and then Motor Cycles and after that ventured into manufacturing motor cars. They used the same sun beam styled signature logo on all the mode of transports. Sunbeam Cars were revolutionary of their times. Our Sunbeam Dawn came to us in 1985 and a major restoration work has been carried on the external body of the car as well as the engine. All the restoration work has been carried on by Experienced Engineers.

This is a 4 door Salon with a beautiful Luggage box attached to the rear part of the car which enhances the classic look of the car. On the external part, Beautiful paint job is done along with chrome finish on head light, tail light, handle bars, mirrors, Large Grille and many other parts which enhance the external beauty of this car. Internally, Premium Leather has been used for the upholstery of the car which gives it a premium vintage luxury feeling.

This classic beauty accommodates 6 passengers with ease which makes it a good option both to ferry the bride and the bride’s maids to the venue and to ferry the newlywed couple from church to the reception or any other desired venue. The large and wide opening door made it easy to enter and exit the car and allows the eager cameras to click some beautiful moments with the car.

Our well trained team of chauffeurs are polite, courteous, well uniformed and are always on time. We ensure that you spend a happy and safe journey in this car. Choosing this vintage beauty will surely made your best day even happiest day of your life and you will surely cherish the time spend in the car. As per our vast experience of this particular industry we follow a rule where our cars do only a single event in a day so that the clients do not feel any need to hurry and can enjoy the important moments to the fullest.