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Lamborghini Blows Up

Lamborghini Blows Up on Test Drive

The New Lamborghini Aventador which was out on a test drive has blown up while an employee took the new Lamborghini out for a quick test. The new popular car which is owned by Cristiano Ronaldo has a price tag worth up to £260,000 brand new and can be seen in very different designs. The new car can go 0-60 in just 3.8 seconds and is one Lamborghini’s quickest road cars ever released in recent times. The Lamborghini Aventador has now been declared a write off and some work in the electric area clearly needs to be taken out.

The Lamborghini team are now trying to examine just why this happened and have came to a few conclusions the first being that the electrics on the car were not fitted right and thus blown up and the other being that the tyre in fact blew up while the car was moving causing a fire due to how much power is being pushed through the wheels all in all, this shouldn’t really happen to a Lamborghini and now somebody at the production centre may be handed a hefty fine due to the actions.