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New Look for Limos in Birmingham

A New Look For The Limousine

When someone speaks of a limousine do you automatically think of the black sedan? Most people do. But the limo has come a long way in the past few years. 

There are as many types of limousines as there are types of vehicles. The fact is that any type of automobile can be made into a limo. While the general rule when designing a limo is to use the particular body style of a car and double the length, some makers have pushed it even further and have safely exceeded that length. 

Although the stretch sedan is still very popular there is a limousine to fit every personality and need. It seems that the imagination is the limit. Today a customer can choose anything from a stretch Mini Cooper XXL to the military Hummer. There are sports cars like the Corvette. The Volkswagen Beetle has been stretched into a limo. There is even a pick up truck in the line of limousines. Of course, there are always the luxury import cars like the Mercedes and Rolls Royce. 

Colors of the vehicles are as diverse as the means of transportation themselves. Many buyers order their cars so that they can choose a custom color. Every color in the rainbow is used and there are some custom paint colors that combine the use of several different shades to achieve a desired look. These customers are willing to wait several months for delivery of their new limo. 

The exterior of the limo is not the only thing that has changed. No longer is the limousine just a large mode of transportation. The interior has been revamped in order to meet the needs and demands of the customer. A limousine can now come with just about as many options as a person can imagine. 

For those who desire it, a limousine can be fitted with all the latest technological innovations. Internet access, fax capabilities, and flat screen laptops are just a few of the options that a business person may want to have installed in their limousine. For those who chose to have more fun there are innumerable possibilities. 

A limo can be designed to accommodate a useable dance floor, neon mood lighting, and a disco ball. Among some of the possible amenities a limo offers are wet bars with working sinks, Jacuzzis, large flat screen televisions, state-of-art gaming devises, and DVD and CD players complete with as many speakers as one could desire. 

If there is anything that you want in a limousine all you have to do is ask. Chances are it is possible.