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Lamborghini Races on Fire

Lamborghini Races on Fire

A daring rally driver from Tasmania has earned a new nickname of the Tasmanian devil after he carried on to drive his Lamborghini racing car even with the car on fire, he won the race and his car was on fire, the fact his vehicle had caught fire caught the eye of many people and rally showed how bad the driver wanted to succeed.

The jaw dropping incident happened in the new Lamborghini Gallardo supercar and the flames started to come out of the rear of luxury car as it past the last few bends of the race. Most rally drivers would have immediately pulled over when the flames occurred and with Jason White he only had one thing on his mind and that was winning.

He clinched first place and was 10 seconds ahead of the second place driver and with the Nissan GT-R despite being behind towards the finishing stages. When the rally driver finished the race he jumped out and the fire station jumped to the car and put the car out in literally seconds.The £385,000 Lamborghini was then free to do a lap of honour and abit burnt out it managed to go all the way around the track.