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H2 Hummer

H2 Hummer Car Hire

The H2 Hummer car has drawn its influence from the original military vehicle the Humvee. The H2 hummer has become very popular over the years turning into limousines and seeing many celebrities using the vehicle. The Hummer is a 4 door, 6 passenger carrier capable of anything. It has luxury sport utility and really looks the real deal when on the road. The Hummer simply commands the road and demands people to admire it.

The H2 Hummer is a 6 litre, V8 monster with over 325 horse power. It has a 4 speed automatic gear box with an overdrive as standard. The Hummer is perfect if you’re looking for a H2 hummer but maybe don’t have enough passengers for the H2 hummer limo.

Our H2 hummer car comes complete with its own chauffeur to drive the military based car. All of chauffeurs are trained to drive such vehicles and can really give you a fantastic experience in our Hummer car hire. The key features for the H2 hummer car are listed as below:

  • Original H2 Hummer Jeep
  • 6 passengers
  • V8 325 Horsepower
  • Fantastic Sound System

If you are interested in hiring our H2 hummer car do not wait, please call one of our friendly members of staff today.