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Mercedes E63 AMG Saloon

Mercedes E63 AMG Saloon

Don’t let the name fool you, there are more than limos available through Brasco Limousines. The Mercedes E63 AMG Saloon is a market leading saloon car and it’s available through Brasco Limousines for customers will a wide range of different needs.
Whether you want the car for your wedding day or are looking to surprise the Merc lover in your life Brasco guarantee that our Mercedes E63 AMG Saloon will fit the bill. It emanates class and style which makes it a great fit for a wide range of events.

Mercedes E63 AMG Saloon – Drive of your Life

The Mercedes E63 AMG Saloon is a car for every occasion. Its aerodynamic executive design makes it a natural choice for business events but once you look under the hood you can see it packs a punch and is great for thrill seekers and extravagant events.

Smooth and seamless driving could not be easier than with the Mercedes E63. The E-class is renowned for its high quality saloons and the E63 is the star of the show. Hear the rumble of the 5.5l twin-turbo V8 engine and feel the power of the vehicle which offers the weight you’d expect of a prestige vehicle without being hard to handle.

AMG sport pedals and intelligent light systems are installed in Brasco Limousines fleet Mercedes E63s so you can enjoy the height of Mercedes technology. It also has a wide range of features unique to Mercedes which provide additional security and enhance performance.

Cruise in Style with a Hire Mercedes E63

Brasco Limousines Mercedes E63 AMG Saloon is the prime choice for business events, conferences and conventions. Arriving in corporate style to your business event is achievable in the E63. It’s also a great choice if you have new business contacts or need to make the right impression when visiting a client’s site.

Alternatively, the Mercedes E63 is a great option for more informal events. If it’s your graduation ball consider hiring the vehicle with a driver so you can arrive in style and ensure you get home safe. You could also consider the E63 for your wedding day, especially if you have a car loving groom who’ll enjoy the power of Mercedes for his special day.

If you’re planning a weekend away with your significant other a hire car could be the final touch to make you seem even more impressive. Consider the luxurious comfort and sleek handling of the Mercedes E63 for your getaway.

Brasco Limousines are proud to offer the Mercedes E63 in their fleet and can be contacted easy to discuss hire.