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Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe

Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe

The Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe radiates class and is a must for any executive traveller needing car hire for that important business meeting. Nothing says success as much as arriving in one of these cars and thankfully Brasco Limousines allow you to turn up anywhere you want in this Mercedes C-class when you hire it from them. Whether you need the vehicle for business or pleasure you will not be disappointed by its drive or its style.

Features of the Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe

The engine on this car gives you all the power you need to make a statement. At 6.2 litres the V8 inspired engine will take the car from 0 to 60 in just 4.4 seconds and have you wanting more speed, if only it was allowed! The engine is smooth and regardless of the speed or gear you arent going to cause a shudder. The steering is just as smooth and controlled and turns will be achieved quickly and effortlessly.

This Mercedes is definitely a car made with racing in mind but just for special occasion use it will give you a feel for what could be if you visited your local racecourse. Unlike race cars the Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe gives you comfort like no other so you can enjoy your slightly slower ride in complete relaxation when you take out hire from Brasco Limousines.

The Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe for special occasions

Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe makes itself known. The engine is loud and proud so when you arrive at your destination you will be seen and heard. With this in mind it is the must need car for special occasions when you want all eyes on you. When arriving at your wedding, prom or elegant birthday celebrations this is the car you need to make a statement, and even if you just want to celebrate an anniversary or take your car obsessed loved one to town for a meal, the C63 Sports Coupe is ideal.

For those big moments in life you should rely on a car that will add to the incredible memories so consider a Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe hire from Brasco Limousines and you will have them in the bag. The company prides itself on offering a great selection of cars for perfect occasions and will cater for any need so get in touch today.