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Limo Hire Chesterfield

Chesterfield otherwise known as ChesVegas has the most typical commercial club mixes with Pop, Dance, RnB, and a little bit of house. Ignite especially has a well catered mix for those who like their dance music. The venue itself is open to live acts with many bands performing throughout the month and a usual visit from the dance team, the DeTune crew.

You can usually have a good night in here. However if you want to spice the night up more than hire one of Supervisory cars with chauffeurs that are prepared to cater you and your partner through the night. We also have Montague A good night out for the alt lovers.

It has 3 rooms which cater to Dance, RnB, Hip Hop and Pop. Previously the Cathelco Group's most profitable investment so if you want more diversity into the track lists and alternative music nights, which extend past pop music then hire our services at Brasco limos.