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Limo Hire Bedford

Bedford is home to some of the most colourful festivals within England and with great history it makes Bedford really stand out from other towns making it a place to defiantly go to visit. Bedford is known for its great Rugby tradition and has plenty of matches to go and see while you are in the town. It has a lively but friendly nightlife with bars such as the Walkabout available to go and let your hair down and let the party begin. Bedford also has a great history among its self so in the day if you are really fed up with all the shopping you can go and experience some of its great historic background. 

Whether you are 18 or 80 there is something for everyone in Bedford city centre. Choose from the various bars and nightclubs. If you hire our services here at Brasco Limos we promise to leave a lasting experience weather its, Bars or Nightclubs, Wine bars or Restaurants Brasco limos is the syndicate for you.

Our excursion limousine gives a larger passenger capacity than a standard limousine and is distinguished from other limos by a smoother, softer ride for your passengers perfect for the Bedford nightlife.