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Limo Hire Bangor

Well there isn't much in the way of thing to do in Bangor at night, unless you become very inventive. There are several bars, with some of the well-known names such as J.D.Weatherspoon, Firkin, and hogshead. In the way of clubs there is a student union where non-students are welcome.

This club is very original in the d├ęcor, with fake dollar signs, tiger print walls and sofa's shaped as lips, and not forgetting the mirrored walls in some areas. The bottom floor is named the octagon, there is a long bar, and one short one. Leading up off this dance floor there is a sweeping staircase, which leads up onto the higher level, where there is another bar and some seats.

You can be a part of this tremendous experience when you hire one of our astonishing limos such as the Range Rover sport which comes with a chauffeur that will drop you off and pick you up. The nightlife in Bangor isn't big but it is fun, it isn't at all similar to the big cities. If going out clubbing or pubbing isn't your thing, then there is a theatre called theatre Gwynedd, which has films, local area shows or small touring company performances.

We can take you and your partner in or Mercedes S Class car in model fashion. In conclusion, Bangor night life isn't a patch on any big city, it's more rural, there's less people, and there are fewer pub's, clubs, and general things to spend money on.